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  • EM & G Firestopping is a family owned business that opened on January 31, 2013.  (My youngest daughter created the logo when she was young). 

  • We are certified installers for 3M, Specified Technologies, Inc. (STI) and HiltI (HAFSC).  We are also certified installers for Carboline, the leading fireproofing manufacture.

  • Our certifications also include NFPA 101 Life Safety, Healthcare Construction and OSHA (30) hour certification and our applicators have (10) hour certification.

  • EM & G Firestopping, LLC specializes in the healthcare industry where we have attended multiple AHCA and Joint Commission inspections over the course of the last 14+ years.

  • Pertaining to firestopping, we place labels on all of our completed work.  The labels identify the company name and information, date work was performed, applicator’s name, UL system used and product- see bottom of document for a sample.

  • Our project manager(s) and/or field superintendent(s) attend all scheduled AHCA, Joint Commission and local inspections with all the documentation- UL systems used, MSDS and product data information


Jackson Memorial Hospital West Project

Sprayed 300 bags of Carboline 5GP in (1) day.


Services Provided

Our Offerings

  •  Firestopping slab and wall penetrations in fire-rated and smoke    

 partition walls

  • Spray fireproofing- cementitious and Intumescent on beams, columns, bar joist, deck.

  • Spray on insulation

  • Curtain wall insulation- for glass at the perimeter of a building.

  • Slab edge fireproofing- where precast walls leave a gap to the slab each wall 

  • Head of wall caulking- drywall and block joints


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